LCA: A Non-Traditional School

LIFE Christian Academy is accredited by the GAC!

What is LIFE Christian Academy?

LCA is a learning center that aids parents in the homeschooling process by supplying an amazing on-line biblical based curriculum and instructional help as needed. We do all the planning and grading and provide one-on-one and group tutoring. We are open four days a week from 8:30 to 12:30 so that your child may come in for tutoring or just to be in a traditional learning environment to work on assignments. How often they come is completely up to you as long as daily assignments are completed.

LIFE Christian Academy and Tutoring Center is a non-traditional educational center in accordance with the standards set forth by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. A non-traditional learning center is defined as those centers instructing students a maximum of 60% of the time at the center. The remaining 40% or more of the time must be spent studying at home or at a place designated by the parents.

What does this mean for you and LIFE Christian Academy? If you choose our School on Site program, it means that during your child’s time at the school, they can will receive up to 13.5  hours of instruction each week and that the other 9 hours of school work must be completed at home or at a place that the parent designates. At this time, LCA’s hours of operation are Mondays and Thursdays from 8:45 to 12:30 with a 30 minute break . Early drop off is at 8:30 and  pick up at 12:30 each day.  Students who are old enough to stay home alone or younger students who have someone to supervise them (a stay-at-home mom, grandparent, etc.) can complete their education through our School at Home program. This program is perfect for home-bound students due to illness as well. We are always available through the curriculum emailing system or by phone to supply aid when needed. Also, students can come to the center during operating hours for extra help anytime.

In what other ways are we non-traditional?

The curriculum alone at LIFE Christian Academy sets us apart from traditional schools. Our entire curriculum, with the exception of tutoring or special needs material, is on-line through AOP. It is a rigorous curriculum for grades 3-12 with over 100 courses available. No text books, just lap tops are required! The trees love LCA!

Although we maintain a quiet atmosphere for learning, at LCA School on Site students are not confined to a desk  hour after hour but have the freedom as at-home to get up, move around, relax awhile, or get a snack.


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