School Mission Statement

It is the mission of LIFE Christian Academy to ignite academic passion, cultivate Christian character, develop biblical worldview and encourage God-given talents in all the children we are blessed to serve.

  • Igniting Academic Passion – The on-line computer-based curriculum used by LCA sparks a new excitement and enthusiasm for education in today’s techno-learners. The courses are infused with multi-media audio and video files, challenging games, interactive exercises, historical timelines and integrated video clips to reinforce concepts, explain key points and make learning fun.
  •  Cultivating Christian Character – We at LCA desire to show all children their self-worth as a creation of a loving God and help them understand that they have a place in God’s providential plan. Through helping them cultivate Christian character traits that are pleasing to God, we can help them build a better relationship with Jesus, their family and other people and grow to be Christian leaders for tomorrow who are able to achieve great things for God’s kingdom.
  • Developing Biblical Worldview – A worldview is the framework from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world. LIFE Christian Academy helps students develop a biblical worldview based on the infallible Word of God and understand that believing its truth should be the foundation for everything they do and say. We believe if they capture and embrace more of God’s world view and trust it with unwavering faith and live it out in their lives, then they can be the influence on the world that God would have them to be, making right decisions to better their society as Christian citizens.
  •  Encouraging God-Given Talents – We believe that God has placed gifts or talents in everyone that is part of their calling in life. It is our desire to offer opportunities for our students to discover, develop and demonstrate their talents. We hope to do this through offering extra lessons or activities such as music, voice, art and more at different times throughout the year.


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