Admission Procedures

Before making application, this website should be read thoroughly to determine whether or not LCA offers the type of education you desire for your child.  After the application is submitted, the school handbook must be read and an agreement contract signed by the prospective student and parent before admissions interview.

  • Complete and return the application for admission.
  • An admissions interview will be scheduled with the school administrator and teachers to discuss application. This appointment will include both parents and the prospective student.
  • Since the academic standards at LCA are higher than those of most institutions, diagnostic placement testing may need to be administered to determine as nearly as possible where the student will need to be placed in our curriculum.

The following should be brought to the interview:

  • The signed handbook agreement form
  • All students must submit report cards and records from the last school attended
  • If home-schooled, records or portfolios should be submitted
  • All students must submit latest diagnostic test results
  • Elementary age students must submit immunization records

Final decision for or against acceptance will be made after the appointment and the prospective student notified within a week of the interview.

If the student is admitted the following fees must be paid immediately:

  • A non-refundable registration fee of $375.
  • If the student requires books for special programs, these will have to be paid for at that time and are non-refundable.


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