ALFA Students (Grades 3-8)

Listed next to each grade are the five core subjects offered by Ignitia for that level.

Third Grade – Introduction to Bible, U.S. Communities, Reading and Sentence Building, Basic Math Skills I, Plants, Animals and Energy

Fourth Grade – Christian Discipleship, World Geography, Composition and Grammar, Basic Math Skills II, Matter, the Solar System and Earth

Fifth Grade – Christian Basics I, History of the Western Hemisphere, Literature/Poetry and Reports, Basic Math Skills III, Life Cycles: Balance in Nature

Sixth Grade – Bible Survey, World History and Culture, Reading for Purpose: Sentences &Poetry, Basic Math Skills IV, Plants/Animals and Molecular Genetics

Seventh Grade – Christian Basics II and the Life of Christ, Social Science Survey, Mechanics of Composition, Fundamentals and More, General Science I

Eighth Grade – Practical Christianity and Church History, American History, Integrated Language Arts, Pre-Algebra, General Science II

There are also several electives available for Alfa Students.

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