OMEGA Students (Grades 9-12)

The Omega Students have college requirements that must be met; therefore, we will cater their courses to meet the requirements of their prospective college. LCA will keep all high school transcript records updated.

Graduation Requirements

To earn 1 credit a student must finish a minimum of 120 hours of study in that subject with greater than a 69 average.  A student who spends all four high school years at LCA will earn  24-26 credits upon graduation.

LCA follows the requirement set forth by the Georgia Accrediting Commission for students to receive a College Preparatory Diploma

College Prep Diploma = 24 Credit hours

Curriculum /  Credits

English/Language Arts     4.0

Mathematics     4.0

Science       4.0

History and Geography    4.0

Foreign Language (In the same language)    2.0

Physical Education and Health     1.0

Technology/Fine Arts/Level III Foreign Language       1 .0

Electives     4.0

Required Electives: Foundations of Personal Finances and Christian Basics and the Life of Christ.

There are plenty of electives to choose from for the Omega Students. A comprehensive list will be given upon admission.

New School on Site students in grades eight through twelve are required to take Christian Basics and the Life of Christ their first year and it will be counted as a history credit towards electives.  No other Bible classes are required by Omega students unless requested.

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