M.A.P Program

Along with our regular school year calendar of 180 days, LIFE Christian Academy has 2 other Educational MAP’s available. 

MAP stands for “Modified Academic Pace”.

I.  MAP-E slows down the pace and EXTENDS the time

LCA does not have a special education program; however we have a MAP for your child. Because we are not a public school, we are able to extend our calendar for students with specific learning or physical needs.

MAP-E extends the semester and school year calendar from 180 to 220 days giving students an additional 40 days to complete their courses if needed. Students that need to work at a slower pace are able to do so without the pressure of a regular classroom setting where everyone is expected to learn on the same schedule.

Also, students with physical illness that require more sick days are not penalized by their absences.

II.   MAP-A picks up the pace and ACCELORATES learning

MAP-A is for exceptional students that want to work at an accelerated pace.  210 days are divided into three 70-day semesters and students are allowed to take as many as three courses each semester. With MAP-A, students are required to maintain an 80 average in each course to continue working at the faster pace.  At this pace, a traditional year and a half of course work is completed in the 210 days.

Both plans are basically equivalent to a year-round school schedule with regular holidays observed. At either pace, courses are not compromised in content and at least 120 hours of work must be completed in each. Mid-terms and final exams are administered to insure understanding and retention of all material at the high school level.

MAP Tuition: The tuition for these programs is higher and will be discussed with parents at time of registration.

Once a student has been identified as eligible to be placed on a MAP, the appropriate form is filled out and agreed upon by the administrator, teacher and parent all of which must sign the form

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