Summer CR/AP

LIFE Christian Academy offers Summer School for Credit Recovery and Advanced Placement.

Why LCA for Credit Recovery?

  • LCA is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission to offer Summer Credit Recovery and Advanced Placement.
  • All of our courses are on line through Alpha Omega Publications and are available 24/7.
  • The credit recovery can be done from home, from grandma‚Äôs or from your beach house. You can work it around your summer job and vacation schedule.
  • You can recover your credits anywhere you have internet access.
  • The school is open Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-2:30 where students can come in when they need tutoring at no extra charge.
  • Parents have access to students work at all times and can check progress on line.
  • Our curriculum has a mastery setting.

Students will only be required to come to the facility when taking the midterm and final exams.

Contact the school to find out when registration and classes begin.

There is a $100 registration fee which pays for your child’s seat on the curriculum site.

One full credit course is $450.

Second full credit is $375

Half-Credit $300

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